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Why use floor trusses for your home?

Any construction project requires durable supports and foundations to make sure the final building is secure and safe. Contractors generally have a choice of floor joints or floor truss systems when constructing a home. While both have their advantages, we’ll look at the benefits floor trusses offer and how they render a building safe, strong and versatile.

They lighten the load

Well-made floor trusses reduce the load on a hardwood floor or prevent any movement if you’re laying large tiles. They also minimise any vibrations that might occur when you walk on the flooring, keeping your home’s acoustics and atmosphere just how you want them.

They’re easy to install

Timber floor trusses are usually built with materials measuring 2″ x 4″. As they cover a wide surface, they’re easy to install and allow contractors more room to move and work.

They’re made in regulated environments

Floor trusses are manufactured in controlled facilities. As a result, they involve minimal wastage of materials, reduced shrinkage, and little risk of twisting or warping. They’re also a sustainable option, so are perfect if you want to make environmentally conscious construction choices.

They reduce noise

Floor trusses reduce the squeaks and creaks you might hear on a timber floor, making flooring throughout a home stable and smooth.

They allow you to go shallower or deeper

With floor trusses, you’ll be able to alter the floor depth to suit your needs. They allow for a more solid, durable floor and minimise the need for beams, columns or other structures – ensuring a more open floor plan without any obstacles.

They offer an open web design

Floor trusses offer ample room for the installation of electricals, plumbing, or HVAC systems. This design’s also cost-effective, as the use of smaller wooden pieces floor trusses reduces the cost of materials.

They don’t need any extra support

Unlike I-beams, floor trusses don’t require additional support to deliver stability and safety.

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