Why use a lightweight Timber Flooring System for your Next Home or Project?

Whether your undertaking a new project or about to  renovate your home, the flooring system you choose is something you should give some serious thought. If your thinking timber for flooring, and think it’s expensive, well think again!

Newcastle Frame and Truss’ Cassette Floor Panels are a prefabricated, light-weight timber flooring system, delivered to your site for same day installation. The instant erection of prefabricated timber flooring systems accelerates site progression, allowing builders to receive progress payment faster, while improving onsite efficiency and safety.

Our concept might not be obvious to some; however, it incorporates more than just designing for manufacture and installation. We choose the most cost-effective material, which is then used in the initial stages in a structure’s design, to deliver cost reductions and shorten the installation processes.

Here are some additional advantages of timber when used in flooring systems:

  1. Timber as a flooring material is healthy and clean option to maintain.
  2. It has a natural appeal and safe base that makes your home warm, comfortable and more inviting.
  3. Easy to install due to its lightweight nature.
  4. Installing timber flooring frames means; that you’re making an investment in the resale value of your home.

Newcastle Frame and Truss’ timber flooring is manufactured using our multi-layer cross ply construction. Its high quality allows us to produce a stable timber flooring system; that you can install or attach to most surfaces.

flooring systems

We use timber because we have a responsibility to use material which is a sustainable source. This should free you from worries and anxiety, knowing that our materials are safe to use for a timber flooring system and the products are regenerated for eco-friendly outcomes.

Using our modern machinery and advanced technology, we fabricate your lightweight flooring system at our own modern facility and deliver directly to your job site, according to schedule. We also provide same day installation.

As every floor system is custom made to provide for shower set downs, penetrations for services, stair voids and timber beams, can all be easily incorporated into any design. Using advanced technology and state of the art machinery, Newcastle Frame and Truss produces Cassette Floor Panels with acute precision on every job.

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