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Why Choose Timber Roof Trusses For Your Project?

Timber roof trusses offer the perfect blend of durability, affordability, and sustainability for a huge number of residential and commercial building projects. Although there are many different materials available for roof trusses, timber is probably the best all-around material to consider. In this article, we are going to outline why timber roof trusses are so popular for construction.

Strength and durability

Timber is an incredibly strong material that is perfectly suited for construction and roof trusses in particular. Timber can handle a lot of pressure, which makes it an excellent choice for distributing the entire weight of the roof away from the walls. It is also durable enough to handle changes to pressure over time without compromising the integrity of the structure.


Timber is a very lightweight material because it is porous, allowing for tiny pockets of air to fill the wood. This means that it doesn’t add excessive weight to the building while providing sufficient strength to hold the weight of the roof. In terms of strength to weight ratios, there are very few materials that beat timber.


Timber Roof TrussesTimber is a sustainable material that is environmentally friendly, so if this is a consideration for your construction project timber is the only way to go. There are no other construction materials that offer the same levels of sustainability as timber because it literally grows on trees. When compared to steel, iron or even plastic materials, timber is much more eco-friendly.


Timber is a very cost-effective material for roof trusses, especially when compared to other materials such as steel or iron. There is no manufacturing process required to create timber, unlike other materials, all you have to do is buy prefabricated timber. This drops the cost of the material significantly, which can make it easier for you to meet budget constraints for your project.

Energy efficiency

Timber roof trusses offer exceptional thermal insulation, which means that heat can’t escape the building as easily. This helps keep heating bills down and creates a more ambiently acceptable temperature around the property.


Timber roof trusses look fantastic and can pair with a wide range of interior designs and aesthetics. It can be treated to complement specific colour tones of a property or can be left untreated to give a beautiful, natural look. Timber is a material that is both functional and visually pleasing, giving you the choice of leaving your roof trusses exposed for the look. When compared to steel trusses, timber is much more appealing to the eye and can fit into many more interior designs.

Fire Safety

It may sound wrong, but timber roof trusses are much more resilient to fire damage. Materials such as steel lose their structural integrity at around 500 degrees celsius. Timber, on the other hand, scorches and chars at that temperature but retains its structural integrity. This means that in the event of a property fire, timber roof trusses offer greater fire safety and give you more time to vacate the fire safely.

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