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Why Choose Timber Roof Trusses For Your Project?

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Timber roof trusses are the perfect solution for a quick build.

Timber roof trusses are durable, affordable and versatile. We work on a huge number of residential and commercial projects. There are many different materials available. For perfect roof trusses, timber is probably the best. In this article, we explain why timber roof trusses are so popular.

Choose strong and durable timber roof trusses

Timber is so strong. It is perfect for making timber roof trusses. Timber can also handle pressure. That makes it great for handling the roof’s weight. It is durable enough to handle changes to pressure. That means you don’t risk the integrity of the structure.

Lightweight yet strong timber roof trusses

Timber is a very light material because it is porous. That means tiny pockets of air fill the wood. It doesn’t add excess weight but provides enough strength to easily support the roof. In strength to weight ratios, there are very few things that beat timber.

Eco friendly timber roof trusses

Timber Roof TrussesTimber is natural. It can be regrown. It is good for the planet. So if this is a something you care about, timber is best. When compared to steel, iron or even plastic, timber is much more eco-friendly.


Timber is good for your budget. It’s great for roof trusses compared to other materials. There is no manufacturing required to create timber. All you have to do is buy prefabricated timber. This drops the cost, which helps you to meet budget.

Energy savings from the inside out with timber roof trusses

Timber roof trusses offer great insulation. This means heat can’t escape or enter the building as easily. This keeps heating or cooling bills down. It also stabilises the overall temperature in the property.

Aesthetics of timber roof trusses

Timber roof trusses look lovely. They can pair with a most interior designs and themes. It can be treated to match or contrast with colour tones of a property. Some people prefer the beautiful, natural look. Timber is functional and visually pleasing. That gives you the choice of leaving the trusses naked. Compared to steel trusses, timber is more visually appealing. It can fit into any interior design.

Fire Safety

It may sound crazy, but timber roof trusses are much more fire resistant. Materials like steel lose their strength at around 500c. Timber scorches and chars at that heat but remains strong. In a property fire, timber roof trusses offer greater fire safety. Their strength gives you more time to vacate safely.

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