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What To Look For When You Need Timber Wall Frame

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Timber Wall Frame for your next building project.

Considering using timber wall frame in your next project? Finding the right contractor to deliver can be a challenge. Read on to learn what to look for. Find a company that has the right experience and skillset. Ensure high quality, long lasting timber wall frame or roof trusses you need.

A suitably experienced timber wall frame company

Find a company with experience in the type of work you need. It’s best to work with teams who have completed projects similar to yours. The greater experience a company has, the more likely it is to deliver. Demand high-grade solutions and explore new ways to deal with issues.

Check their reviews

People routinely leave reviews for completed work. Positive reviews point to a company with the experience to complete the timber wall frame.

One-stop project management

Timber Wall FrameIt’s helpful if the company you select for timber wall frame can offer other services. We offer design and installation, as well as manufacture. A company with a one-stop solution saves time. You can also trust them to do a good job on all elements. Using a single contractor provides accountability. Communication is also more reliable and progress smoother.

Off-site construction of timber wall frame (prefabrication)

Pre-made product delivers higher quality than working on site. Our premises are set up to allow building to continue in all weather. We help project timelines to stay on track. Access to the timber wall frame is better (and safer) in a factory environment. Easier access to every part of the frame gives better outcomes and more robust products.

Keep time onsite to a minimum. You’ll have shorter time lines and better installations.

Use of top-quality wood in timber wall frames

Timber quality is key to how long timber wall frame will last. Choose a company that uses seasoned timber.  Check it has been properly treated and prepared. You’ll get floor trusses or timber wall frame that will give decades of service.

Licensed, compliant and insured

All timber structures should be built in line with relevant building regs. They should be made by a correctly licensed and insured company. 

Warranty covering work and timber wall frame and truss products

In the event of any problems, you can get appropriate remedial action.

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