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What to look for when you need timber Wall Framing for your home or project?

Are you planning to build your own house? If you are then you should look for and find the best supplier of everything you need for the construction. Perhaps you have also decided to have timber wall framing for your project. If you are based in Newcastle and the nearby regions, such as Adamstown Heights, Beresfield, Birmingham Gardens, Bar Beach, Black Hill, Broadmeadow and Callaghan (University), there are a good number of businesses manufacturing timber wall frames for the Australian market. One such company is Newcastle Frame and Truss.

When you require timber wall framing, there are things that you should look for to ensure you end up with a quality job. Timber is a strong and reliable material for wall framing, therefore you can expect the following qualities, if you use it for your new home.

  1. durability
  2. energy efficiency
  3. design flexibility
  4. artistry, craftsmanship
  5. less scope of human error and
  6. rapid building speed

Timber wall framing has become a proven and popular choice for the Australian construction market.  Market data shows that design and manufacture of off-site roof trusses and wall frames is continuously taking the place on traditional on-site construction. This high demand for timber wall frames is brought about by the many benefits that it offers, such as those that are mentioned above. The prefabricated timber wall frame is engineered in the factory and delivered to your site by crane.

As stated, there are many manufacturers of timber wall framing in these Australian regions, but since not every company is the same, the best thing for you to do is, to find the best that will suit your requirements perfectly. First, you should ask for a quote from two or three suppliers, including Newcastle Frame and Truss.

All our prefabricated frames and trusses are of good quality and we would like you to experience them in your new home or project. We have a long-established workforce, consisting of experienced and skilled roofing professionals and engineers that work using state of the art equipment and technology.

With Newcastle Frame and Truss, you are assured that you will get the most out of your budget. We do not compromise on quality or standard. Our plans or drawings cover all areas and are marked by accuracy of details. Our company is the expert in the design, engineering and manufacture of timber wall frames and trusses. We also offer you our installation services, so we do not just deliver your order to your site, we do a whole lot more.

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Please contact us for a fast quote and we will respond within 24 hours. We are also willing to discuss every aspect of our quotation. Call us on 0437 437 231. You can also send us the online form located at our Contact Us Page, completed, with the necessary information. Rest assured that you will get a response, as soon as possible. Get in touch with us now; we are happy to help.