Roof Trusses

What Timber Is Used For Roof Trusses?

Looking to build your own home? That’s great and maybe by this time you’re ready to choose the material for the roof truss – should it be steel or timber. When constructing a building, precision is required in every aspect, along with safety considerations, following building codes and other important procedures. For commercial buildings, steel trusses are used, as they combine safety and functionality. For residential construction, timber is preferred because of its value and that fact that it requires less labour in assembly and installation.

If you want more advice about timber roof trusses, Newcastle Frame and Truss is the premier wall frame and roof trusses manufacturer in Newcastle and the Central Coast regions. We have been constructing the highest quality roof truss systems, for the area for more than 30 years now; and we have become renown for our quality work.

We have experienced professionals that can help you determine, which building material would be best for your home. In fabricating timber wall frames and roof trusses structures, we use the best quality hardwood or softwood timber. We use any of the red cedar, seasoned fir or yellow pine species and some others. These species are strong, stiff and dense and have the ability to hold nails and fasteners well. These types of timber are our preferred choice for residential construction, and they are widely used, not only in Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast, but right across the Australian building industry.

Timber is also mostly preferred, by homeowners because of its great flexibility in plan layout. Its strength to weight ratio allow long spans, up to approximately 30 metres. It can be noted, though that long spans require more effort to deliver, erect and properly install. They may also tend to move unsteadily from side to side: however, once they are braced, the trusses prove to be extremely strong and stable.

Roof Trusses

Our timber roof trusses are premanufactured in sections, at our own organised workplace to allow quick and easy assembly on the job site. Prefabrication offers several advantages, in terms of improved safety, increased quality due to machine made accuracy and utilising standardised processes. There is also less material waste and no pieces of timber to be stolen on the job site.

Taking on a major life event, such as building your own home may present you with inspiration, excitement, and a fair share of challenges. You will first need to find your dream team – builder/architect/designer and make many important decisions along the way.

Newcastle Frame and Truss covers all your needs for your construction project. We can help you with the design, fabrication and installation of your trusses, from floor panels to wall frames and roof trusses. Each task is handled by our staff, such as designers and engineers and we always make ourselves available for consultations with our customers. We can even recommend a builder to you; if that’s what you need.

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