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What Is the Future of Timber Wall Framed Houses?

Timber is a material that is commonly used for building wall frames for Australian homes.

Timber frames are very popular because they are lightweight, strong and can be easily and quickly constructed. These types of frames are usually built, with a number of different wood species, including radiata pine.

This popularity of the timber for framing simply means that architects, builders, councils, and other tradespeople favour using timber in their construction projects. This material makes the jobs easy and simple for all involved, especially the owner. For homeowners, with upcoming new home project, timber wall frames become their best option for many reasons.

Timber is readily available and can be sourced easily. Compared to the price of steel, timber is more affordable. Being a natural product, timber is non-toxic, safe to touch, as it does not leak chemicals. These days, timber wall frames are constructed off-site, usually at the manufacturer’s plant. Once finished, the wall frames are delivered to the site, using crane trucks. The latest technology that is used in the fabrication of timber frames eliminates error, thus no waste is created, and no additional labor cost is incurred.


There is a great future for timber wall frame houses in Australia and in all other countries of the world because its carbon footprint is minimal. Compared to steel, the carbon footprint of timber is much higher, according to studies. Additionally, the sustainability, the health benefits of a timber environment, fire safety advantages, speed in construction, aesthetics and its light-weight structure, prompt builders and architects, to refer to the 21st century as the “timber age”.

If you are not much of a Do-It-Yourself person and feels uncomfortable working on your new home build with timber wall frames, the Newcastle Frame and Truss offer to manufacture your roof trusses and timber wall frames, according to your design. We are a one-stop-shop for all items you require for your timber frame house.

Our staff comprises of an experienced and skilled workforce of building professionals, including engineers and designers. We can ably estimate the price and provide advice on your upcoming dream project. We manufacture our timber wall frames off site and deliver it to your location for setting up, using a crane. This is a straightforward process, saving you more construction time and additional labour costs.

Our team of fabricators can manufacture prefabricated wall frames and trusses and they work at a fast pace and in a way, where there is maximum productivity, with minimum waste and expense.

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If you have questions about timber frames for your new home, contact us for a fast quote today and speak to one of our engineers or designers. We would like to give you professional advice on the right material to use for your wall frame, depending on the location where you will build your project.  Rest assured that all your needs related to construction will be taken into consideration. Whichever material you decide to use, you have our assurance that our fabrication and installation processes will comply with the Australian standard.

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