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What is the best type of timber to use for roof trusses?


Timber is the mostly widely used material in building construction across the country today.

Why is it timber the choice of most builders, DIY, developers, and homeowners.

The answer is simple, it’s economical, durable, sustainable and can withstand all kinds of weather, like heavy winds, extreme temperatures, and heavy downpours. That’s why, many homeowners choose timber as the favoured material for home-building in Australia. If you’re looking for a local manufacturer in and around the Newcastle area, who prefabricate timber roof and floor trusses as well wall frames, then Newcastle Frame and Truss can help. They have been in the business of building timber homes, since 1999 and for over 20 years have built a reputation for quality, trust, meeting individual budgets and building long term relationships. That’s why, we have the team to take the hassle and stress out of building works by making the process streamline and easy.

Floor JoistOur workmanship and short delivery time have made us quite sought-after in the areas we operate, across regional NSW, and this inspires us to keep improving in all areas of our business. We can supply only, or supply and fix, whatever you prefer. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then we can help with prefabricated roof trusses and wall frames. If you prefer, we can also organise install installation as well. Our prefabricated timber will be supplied to your site safely and in a timely manner. On delivery – “every time, on time” is our motto, and we’ll deliver it at the stipulated time and date. You can go through our customer testimonials to get further insights on tour service and delivery levels.

We believe in customer satisfaction, and we are quite particular about it too. We also believe in innovation and hence keep doing continuous research to bring you the best and the latest in our field of expertise. To this end, we would also suggest that engineered floor joists are the best choice. Engineered floor joists simply means any product made from timber that can be used as a flooring. These engineered flooring materials come in different forms, colours, shapes, and cuts. The expertise of a manufacturer is highlighted in how they incorporate your ideas into the finished product. So, there may be many engineered timber floor joists manufacturers in the market, however, we feel we are as good as anyone out there in the business.

We can guarantee you that all our timber floor joists are made of top-quality materials, as we believe in nothing short of the best. We make multi-layered cross ply to be used as flooring material, due to its long durability. Our engineered flooring materials are well-known in the market. People right across regional NSW know and trust our products. Engineered Floor Joists speeds up the building time of your homes and reduces costs at the same time. So, isn’t it a wonderful choice?

Make this choice a reality, by contacting us at : or by calling on 0437 437 231.

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