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What Is The Best Home Cladding Besides Brick?


Brick is a strong and durable product for home cladding; however, timber is also another home cladding material, which is durable, arguably the most aesthetically pleasing and possesses strong sustainable qualities. Cladding is an outer layer of material, which is used on the walls of your home, to provide protection against the harsh weather. It’s an outer weatherproof skin used on the walls to protect it from damage. It’s important to protect the walls of your home and cladding can help in this regard. Different kinds of cladding material can be used; however, brick and timber are by far the best and most popular choices. Timber is very convenient to use, as the work related to timber cladding can be completed much quicker than all other materials.

While choosing the ideal cladding for your home, you need to bear the following points in mind:

  • Home CladdingThe cladding used for the exterior of your home should be water-proof and good enough to protect the interiors of your home from the harsh weather.
  • Ensuring that the cladding being used is fire resistant, is also of paramount importance.
  • How much insulation the cladding in question can provide is critical, as that is directly connected to having an environment-friendly home, which is given a lot of prominence these days.
  • You must choose your cladding very carefully, as it’s not as simple as you think. It affects a lot of factors related to your home, like the aesthetic appeal, the cost, property value and environmental performance.
  • It’s worth thoroughly study as to which type of cladding will perform well in your climate, what is suitable in another place may not be suitable for you because of the difference in weather conditions and varies as per your site landscape. You may need a professional’s advice to help to guide you in this regard.
  • Taking into consideration the environmental impact of the cladding system is also of key importance.

Benefits of using timber as your cladding material:

  1. Environmentally friendly products like timber are good, as it’s a renewable resource. The carbon footprint of timber is very much on the lower side and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.
  2. A commodity got from nature, which is excellent, hence doesn’t need many efforts to make it aesthetically appealing, as it blends with the natural environment, by default.
  3. Enormously durable – The durability of timber is unimaginable; in certain cases, it can even last a lifetime and that makes it the most desirable material for cladding.
  4. Strong and light-weight – In spite of being light-weight, timber is strong and that’s the best part about it.

If timber cladding is a thing, you’ve been considering since sometime, then delay no more. Employ the services of a reputed timber frame and truss company like Newcastle Frame and Truss if you happen to be in Australia. Contact at or call 0437 437 231.

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