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What Is The Best Exterior Cladding?


If you are not familiar with construction terminology, you may be wondering what exterior cladding is and why use it. In simple words, cladding is a material to cover the exterior and interior of a building or structure. Cladding protects the structure and interiors of your home or project from harsh weather and environmental conditions. It can also serve as an external visual feature to make the building more aesthetically pleasing. Cladding has been used in architecture and construction for decades now, and when done correctly, can add real value to the home.

Nowadays, with advancements in science and technology, a variety of external cladding options exist. Many people are confused at the choices and often wonder, which is the best material for external cladding. Timber cladding is a good option for all kinds of external cladding. Here are some of the reasons why timber cladding is the best product for exterior structures:

  1. Exterior CladdingLong lasting: Are you aware that good quality timber cladding can last between 40 – 60 years? Timber cladding is resistant to decay and can last almost a lifetime with proper maintenance and care.
  2. Looks great: There is no denying the fact that timber cladding looks amazing. It goes well with the natural environment and is eye-catching, not to mention added value to your home or project.
  3. Sustainable: Timber cladding is a sustainable option since it has almost zero carbon footprint. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide, balancing any emissions, unlike other cladding materials.
  4. Durable: Timber cladding can withstand any harsh climatic conditions, such as rain, wind, or strong and long-term sunlight. Timber tends to wear and tear less, compared to other types of cladding. This means that they are appropriate for places with extreme and harsh climates.
  5. Acts as an insulation: Timber cladding is a great natural insulator, ensuring that no heat can escape, as well as it’s soundproof. In fact, timber is known to be better than concrete, steel and aluminium for insulation purposes.
  6. Ease of installation: Being lightweight, timber is easy to carry around and install. Installing external timber cladding takes less time than other types of cladding. Hence the work can be completed in the shortest possible time.
  7. Cost effective: A major advantage of timber is that it is reasonably priced. From the procurement process, to manufacture and installation, the related costs are very minimal, making it an affordable cladding option for people with all kinds of budgets.

So, you can see why if you are going to choose external cladding, then timber is a sensible choice. For the highest quality and most affordable timber cladding, get in touch with Newcastle Frame & Truss. We are a leading provider of trusses and cladding, since 1999. It is important for us that we satisfy all your requirements and specifications. Our team of designers will extensively develop a plan exclusively for all your cladding needs. In short, you can get customised services from us, at good rates with high quality products.

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