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What is an engineered timber flooring system?


There are few flooring options as timeless and rustic as wood flooring. While for years solid wood has stood as the only way to achieve this exceptional look, technological advances have helped engineered flooring come into its own, offering a fantastic alternative to solid flooring that’s still of a higher quality than cheap plastic imitations. If you’re wondering what engineered timber flooring really is, and how it can add style and value to your home, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve put together this helpful blog with all you need to know about this popular flooring option.

What is an engineered timber flooring system?

Engineered timber flooring is made of bonded layers of a decorative hardwood surface (also known as a “veneer”) and a plywood substrate. It is designed to offer stability without compromising on the quality appearance offered by a solid timber floor, and without attracting the higher costs that solid flooring carries. Following the growth in materials and the types of wood available, engineered flooring has become a very popular option for designers and redecorators alike.

Engineered and solid timber: the differences

When someone says they have solid timber flooring laid in their home, they most likely have a tongue and groove system. This is a traditional flooring option that requires sanding and coating to be done on-site. When you opt for engineered flooring, it will usually be delivered ready to install, so there’s no need to do extra work before it’s laid over your timber trusses. While both solid and engineered timber flooring can be sanded and repolished during their lifetime, engineered timber flooring can come in wide boards, unlike solid flooring which is restricted by width. Engineered flooring also features cross lamination, meaning the risk of movement caused by temperature and humidity fluctuations is significantly reduced. This isn’t possible with solid hardwood floors, which may expand and contract under these conditions.

Counting the cost of engineered timber flooring

While each flooring supplier will set their own price on engineered flooring, for a quality product you should expect to pay between $90 and $110 per m2. A great benefit of an engineered timber flooring system is that it’s much faster to install than traditional options. As it comes pre-finished, a builder can just lay and walk on it without any trouble – so you’ll save on cost and time.

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