Flooring System

What is an Engineered Flooring System?

If you’ve been in the construction industry for a while, then you would be familiar with engineered flooring systems. If you’re ready or a planning to build your own home, you may have been recommended to use this type of flooring system. A flooring system is a group of elements that are connected close together to create an even, smooth and durable floor. When we say engineered wood, it means that it is constructed out of layers of various types of wood that are pressed together, to create a solidly built planks of timber.

An engineered flooring system performs better than solid sawn timber. These structures are designed, to require fewer pieces of timber, to save on installation and also on material costs. Once you’ve decided to use this structure and you would want to find a company, who can fabricate it, according to your requirements, the Newcastle Frame and Truss is just a phone call away. We design the structure of your timber flooring system, with the purpose of attaining unique structural compliance, including acoustic, fire and in some occasions, thermal performance. Our flooring materials come in different styles, cuts, colours and specific forms.

Timber flooring systems are fabricated, with the best multi-layer cross ply construction, resulting in a firm and solid timber floor, that you can install over surfaces. We get our timber materials from sustainable sources, as we are focused on doing our part in environmental conservation. Also, we would like to give you peace of mind that we use only the most suitable materials to build your engineered timber flooring system. Flooring system comprises of floor panels and cassettes, I-Joists and open web joists. Floor panels and cassettes are constructed, with standardised units or dimensions for variety and flexibility in use and to meet customer requirements. They are manufactured off site, in a controlled environment, providing a low maintenance and easy to fit flooring option.

Flooring System

I-Joists and Open Web Joists are both lightweight and easy to install. I-Joists can carry heavy loads than dimensional timber; besides the fact that they have less possibility to bow, crown, twist, check, cup or split, as would a piece of dimensional timber. The Open Web Joists are available in long lengths. By using them you wouldn’t need cutting and drilling, when installing.

Using engineered timber flooring systems will give you the following benefits.

  • Better quality, because the cassettes are premade off site, allowing a high degree of consistency and quality.
  • Flexible designs, as these structures are completely detailed and designed, to suit the project you have in mind.
  • Fast installation on site. We deliver all components ready to install and they will be lifted into position, using mobile cranes and lifting devices.
  • Reduce waste. Prefabricating these structures minimise the need for on-site cutting. Also, there will be a reduced rate of materials being stolen.
  • Reduces risks on Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S). Floor cassettes can be installed from below, onto the upper stories and provide a working platform, to allow for working at heights.

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