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What Is A Gable Roof?


Are you looking to renovate your home? Or is your roof at the end of its life expectancy? Whatever the case, it can be a challenging task to choose the right type of roof. However, a reliable supplier of timber wall frames and roof trusses like the Newcastle Frame and Truss can provide you with great advice and cost estimates.

The roof of your home is the first line of defense from the elements of extreme weather. Your home and its contents can get protection from the roof, while providing more space and improving energy efficiency overall. The roof can also enhance the appearance of your property, regardless of the architecture.

Among the different types of roofs available these days, gable roof is one of the more popular types, thanks to its simple design, low cost and drainage qualities. A gable is that particular section of the wall positioned between two interconnecting sloping sides. This is A-shaped and can be of different sizes or the same size, depending on the kind of style of home.

Installing the gable roof has a long list of paybacks, in addition to protecting your home from being damaged by water and also in keeping its elegant look:

* Low Cost

Compared to other roofing alternatives, building and installing gable roofs can be significantly lower; because they have simple designs and are easier and cheaper to build and install.

* Additional Space

If you install a gable roof, you can have space available for a vaulted ceiling or an attic. It can also help enhance the ventilation on your property.

* Water Drainage

The gable roof has a sloped design, so you can also have exceptional water drainage. It would be easy for the rain, hail or  and snow to slide off the roof, due to the way the pitch is angled. There would be fewer to no leaks, as the buildup of water is eliminated.

* Versatility

You can use a variety of materials for the gable roof:

Gable RoofIf you haven’t decided yet about the gable roof, with expert advice from a timber roof truss manufacturer, Newcastle Frame and Truss, you will be able to find the best gable roof that will seamlessly complement the look of your home.

Whether you are doing a repair, renovation or a brand-new installation, we have highly experienced and skilled roofing experts, who are able to carry out a variety of work on style of roofs. We are a timber roof truss manufacturer, who has more than 30 years of experience in his field. You can call us for a free assessment of your roof, so that we can together  discuss the best option you should adopt according to your budget.

Newcastle Frame and Truss has been at the forefront of production and also as a supplier of frames and trusses. Our team is always ready to attend to your questions and provide you with the best answer and information about your roofing project. We will be happy to walk you through the designing process and offer you the best timber roof trusses in the NSW areas.

Contact us for a fast quote if you’re interested in ordering your roof trusses from us. Call us at 0437 437 231 or visit us at, for our full range of services. Our friendly team will be happy to provide you with the information that you need and guide you through the entire process. For advice, we can provide you the best advice, including how you can save money, while we meet your timelines and expectations.

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