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What are the different types of flooring systems?


When you’re looking to sort flooring in your property, you want to consider all of the options available to you. After all, choosing one flooring system only to discover you’ve picked the wrong type too late has potentially disastrous consequences. Read on to learn about a range of different flooring systems you can use on your property and some of the key benefits of using each type of flooring system.

Engineered timber flooring

One of the most common forms of flooring systems is the engineered timber flooring system. This system uses timber floor trusses as a means of supporting the floor, then placing a stable set of timber floorboards atop the initial trusses. This is one of the most common systems builders and construction experts use, ensuring that floors are as strong as feasibly possible and there isn’t any risk of degradation over an extended period of time. Another key benefit of using timber floor trusses is the environmentally friendly nature of the method, with the wood coming from sustainable sources wherever possible.


flooring systemsAlthough using timber trusses is far and away the most popular method of flooring, there are some alternatives. These include:

  • Concrete flooring: Placing ground level flooring on a base of concrete, with a concrete bed sitting below either laminate or wooden floorboards.
  • Floating flooring: Floating floors are suspended from the roof above, common in refurbishment works and more recently becoming an architectural feature of some buildings.
  • Sprung flooring: Sprung flooring is a highly specialised type of flooring, with a bouncy floor designed for activity areas such as dance halls and indoor sports areas.

Which is best for my home?

If you’re looking for a flooring option for your home or commercial property, a timber truss floor is likely the best solution for you. A timber truss floor is the most common means of building flooring across the world, making it far more affordable than a suspended or sprung floor. Furthermore, simplicity is often key in flooring. A simple yet sturdy timber truss floor can last for decades without any signs of issues, so keeping your floor as simple as possible whilst being built by experts is key to improving the structure of your property going forwards.

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