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What Are The Different Types Of Flooring Systems?

For your new home project, you would have chosen timber roof truss and perhaps you would also prefer to use timber wall frame to complete the major structure. The next step is choosing a timber floor. Would it cost too much? Think again! Carpet may seem cheaper, but a timber floor can last for a long time. Timber is a natural product, good for the environment and can make a statement for your home.

There are many different types of timber flooring systems available in the market today, but you don’t know which to choose. Let me name the two most popular systems:

  1. Hard timber flooring – comprises of timber, which can be softwood or hardwood.

Hardwood is a high-quality wood, which makes it a popular choice for flooring. It is hard wearing and enduring and more expensive than softwood. Some of the hardwood timbers are beech, blackbutt, red mahogany and river reds.

Softwood is generally less expensive and quite easy to work with. Some examples of softwood are cedar fir, pine, redwood, ash, birch, cherry, and mahogany.

A hard timber floor improves over the years and is durable and tends to have great finishes.

Engineered timber flooring has been specially planned and machine-produced, so that it can be used for flooring systems. Newcastle Frame and Truss manufactures this timber flooring style, which consists of an upper layer made of hardwood, a core layer which can be plywood, hard-wood or H.D.F (high density fiberboard) and a final layer. These are made into a single board, by pressing them together in opposite directions.

Newcastle Frame and Truss offers a wide range of stunning timber flooring styles, including hardwood floors if that’s your preferred option. Flooring is one of the most attractive features that a builder looks into, if they want to create a certain feel for the home. An engineered timber floor is both inspiring to look at, and pleasant to walk on.

These structures are prefabricated at our modern facility. This is done in a controlled environment; where specified standards are followed. The timber flooring is delivered to the job site; ready to be installed the same day. When the flooring is prefabricated, it takes less amount of time to build your home project, compared to construction on site. The planning is precise and you don’t have to worry about the on-site weather conditions. Prefabrication is also a safe process in construction.

These are the important information about timber flooring styles. When you are ready to decide, you simply choose between the durable and beautiful hardwood and the versatile and affordable engineered timber. You may find this decision difficult to make, which is why, we invite you to speak to one of our Newcastle Frame and Truss flooring experts.

We will be happy to explain to you about our products. If you need additional information or you have some concerns, let us know, so that we can help you make a decision.

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