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What Are The Australian Standards For Roof Trusses?

Whether your upcoming project is residential or commercial, and your based in Newcastle, Central Coast or surrounding areas, it is important to remember that all suppliers of timber trusses and wall frames that you decide to work with; should comply to the Australian Standards. The  AS4440-2004, explicitly states in detail the installation of nail-plated roof trusses with regards to the bracing, connection and installation of timber roof trusses. This may also be applicable to the other building types where the parameters such as design and construction are within the limitations of the standard.

Therefore, this Australian Standard should be complied with, by all the roof trusses companies. This doesn’t include, however, the materials used in fabricating the roof trusses, choice of which depends entirely on the homeowners. Timber is a popular material for this purpose, because it is versatile and flexible, economical, energy efficient, durable, strong, eco-friendly and most of all, beautiful in its aesthetics.

If you’re looking for a manufacturer, Newcastle Frame and Truss adheres to all necessary standards. We are among those roof trusses companies in Newcastle that follow the Australian Standard specifications and deliver quality products and finishes to our customers.

Roof TrussesThat is one primary reason why we are so confident in offering our timber roof truss products and services. When we say that we comply with Australian Standards, it means that our products are of high quality, safe to use and perform as per expectations. It also means that we are one supplier that you can trust and rely on, when it comes to durability and safety of all of our timber trusses. They are designed and fabricated specifically, so that they can accommodate heavy loads. What’s more; our trusses are easy to install because they are made from timber, which is a much lighter material, compared to other materials such as steel for example.

Our roof trusses are not built on the job site; they are prefabricated in our controlled facility. This process helps avoid the wet weather delays, so it can be finished early and delivered to your construction site, ready to be erected. We include in our delivery; an easy-to-understand instruction for installation, so that the erection process can be finished in a timely manner. This can save you labour expense, and save you on installation time.

Newcastle Frame and Truss is one of those roof truss companies in Newcastle, that has a team of designers and engineers, who are passionate about creating innovative systems that allow us to deliver to you, timber products that exceed expectations of our customers. This is set out in the specifications and design procedures of the above-mentioned Australian Standards.

We also have more than 30 years’ experience in the roof truss and wall frames industry, and this has made us the leading manufacturer in the Newcastle region.

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