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What are the Australian Standards for Roof Trusses and Wall Frames?

Almost all businesses in the country such as timber roof trusses and wall frames manufacturers need to comply to Australian Standards. These are a collection of published documents that define the specifications, guidelines and procedures that make sure products and services are reliable, safe and perform how they are intended to. If a business fully complies to Australian Standards can be assured, you are dealing with a supplier who provides quality products within the industry.

Newcastle Frame and Truss, a leading manufacturer of timber roof trusses and timber wall frames; consistently complies to the requirements of the Australian Standards. All our timber products are designed and constructed according to all Australian Standards; to maintain their quality, durability, and safety. Our trusses and wall frames are engineered specifically to be able to accommodate heavy loads. As trusses and wall frames are lightweight, they install quickly and easily.

Prefabricated timber roof trusses and timber wall frames by Newcastle Frame and Truss have been part of the building practice in the local region for more than 30 years. These products are cost effective and manufactured in accordance with strict Australian building standards. Wall frames have design flexibility, which means they can be made to accommodate hot water systems, air conditioning units and other features and trusses can be built with a variety of architectural specifications, such as raked ceilings, box gutters or coffered ceilings.

Our timber wall frames are manufactured off site at our Newcastle factory, using state of the art software and tools. They are detailed and engineered individually; so that they can suit the design loads that are applied to them. These frames are delivered to your job site; ready to install and complete with installation instructions. Prefabricated wall frames can save you on labour costs because of the reduced erection time. Besides the savings, our frames can also lessen the wet weather delays.

We have on our team engineers and designers, who are always working to create innovative systems that will surely improve the strength and flexibility of our timber products. When we build roof trusses and timber wall frames for you, we always see to it that we comply to any architectural specifications and the current Australian Standards. We ensure that your timber wall frames are built according to code. Rest assured that we are having practicing this for more than 30 years. We as a business always ensure we are compliant, which has made us one of the leading manufacturers of truss and wall frames and other timber products in Australia.

If you are interested in our roof trusses and wall frames, contact us for a fast quote. Our people are all friendly and accommodating. They are ready to hear about your plans, budgets, or any other information you will need to make the right decision. They will take you through the process, starting from design, to fabrication and installation of your order. We have the reputation and the experience to give you the best advice that can save you money while meeting your budget for your building project.

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