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Timber wall frames – What is the future of timber wall framed houses?


The Australian housing demand continues to increase. The industry faces the challenge of meeting the required volume of homes. We maintain budget meeting quality standards. That’s where timber wall frames come in.

Builders are capitalising on the benefits of timber roof trusses and wall frames. This speeds up construction and meets health and safety concerns. In doing so, they draw attention to other benefits that timber wall frames offer. By using our timber wall frames you will comply with building regulations and get competitive prices.

Homeowners can expect the use of timber wall frames to continue to grow way into the future. Read on to find out why timber wall framed houses are expected to become more popular.

Timber wall frames are more sustainable

Timber framed houses produce low CO2 emissions. This makes them a more sustainable housing option. Thicker structures mean more energy efficient homes. They stay naturally warm during winter and cool during the summer. With more energy efficiency comes lower bills all year round.


timber wall framesTimber is a versatile material that can be manipulated easily. Construction managers can alter the timber to different elements or room sizes. This flexibility allows you to customise projects without incurring huge costs.

Timber wall frames are quick to build

Timber wall framed houses are much quicker to build compared to concrete. This is because construction workers can use traditional masonry methods. Timber is also readily available and is a budget friendly option.  The majority of the manufacturing takes place off-site. This means minimal disruption on the worksite throughout  construction.

Reduced costs using timber wall frames

The build time is significantly reduced with timber houses. That means they cost less than homes built using bricks.

The future looks bright for timber wall framed houses.  The industry continues to capitalise on them to meet housing demand. Newcastle Frame and Truss offers crafted timber frames and trusses so homeowners can benefit from quicker and sustainable builds.

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