Timber Frames and Trusses Newcastle

At last, your’e now ready to construct your own home or project! Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial project, there is quite a lot to consider, before you can start construction.

One thing to think about is; the timber wall frames and the roof trusses for your building or project.

These timber structures are important components of any construction and they are continually gaining acceptance around the building industry. In fact, because of their popularity, timber wall frames and roof truss Newcastle are currently being used in most regions, whether it be in the CBD, major regional centres, rural and remote parts of the country. Whether it be a residential or commercial application.

Newcastle Frame and Truss is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of frames and trusses in Northern Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, and surrounding regions. We use timber for all our products and projects. In our more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have observed that architects, homeowners, and owner builders are more comfortable with timber, instead of steel.

Our timber roof truss Newcastle offers builders and home owners many advantages, including being renewable and friendly to the environment. If your’e building your next home or a new project with the environment in mind, then wood or timber is unquestionably the best to use.

Timber is lightweight, hence it’s easy to handle and is able to be lifted into place with ease. In some cases, timber wall frames and roof truss Newcastle can organise installation, without needing heavy machinery.

Our timber products are hard wearing, due to their strength. Our measurement and cutting are done accurately, minimising most of the framing problems on site. We have tight measures on quality control that makes sure that your trusses and frames are uniform in size and shape and give your home or project its required structural integrity.

We have a team of qualified designers working for us, who’s professional and creative approach, along with using the latest design software; produce structures that are aesthetically pleasing and well designed. We are confident we can provide you with the timber wall frame and roof truss Newcastle you need, with satisfying and stunning finishes to your home or project.

Newcastle Frame and Truss constructs structures in a manner that conforms, with your detailed specifications. Once you decide to select us for your next project, we will fabricate the structures in our modern facility. Then we deliver them to the job site, with our specially designed crane trucks, ready to be erected and fitted in place. This system can reduce time for the project build.

For owner builders and experienced building contractors, the construction process is easy to understand and install. It can deliver flexibility and long-lasting durability to your project and reduces material waste on site.

If you need advice from the experts, simply get in touch with industry specialists like the Newcastle Frame and Truss. We can guide you in the right direction.

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Our services cover the areas of Northern Sydney, Newcastle, Adamson Heights, Wyong, Bar Beach, Beresfield, Birmingham Gardens, Black Hill, Broadmeadow, Callaghan, Hunter Regions and surrounding areas.