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The Benefits Of Prefabricated Timber Wall Frames

When building properties, it is important to find ways to balance speed, quality, sustainability and pricing into the project. Prefabricated timber wall frames offer an excellent blend of these attributes, which is why they are quickly becoming the preferred building method of new homes. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using prefabricated timber wall frames on your next home project.

Improved quality control

Traditionally, constructing a house would require the builders to create bespoke framing piece-by-piece while on the construction site. Prefabricated timber wall frames, on the other hand, come pre-assembled and are built in a controlled environment by specialists. During the manufacturing process of these frames, plans are meticulously checked over and reviewed to ensure that the frames are built to a high standard. What this means is that the end product will have improved quality control compared to a traditionally built frame.

Streamlined construction

Prefabricated Timber Wall FramesUsing a prefabricated timber wall frame when building a home saves a lot of time when compared to traditional construction methods. All of the work required to create a prefabricated timber wall frame happens off-site, in a controlled environment that is not impacted by the elements or issues on-site. When a prefabricated timber wall frame makes its way to the construction site, it can be assembled and fitted in a few days as opposed to weeks for traditional framing.

Easier scheduling

As a prefabricated timber wall frame is built off-site and in advance, you can get to work assembling it as soon as it arrives. This means that you can streamline scheduling by working on other parts of the build instead of spending time constructing a frame. Ultimately, this can save days or even weeks of time.

Better on-site safety

Prefabricated timber wall frames are always built away from the construction site in a safe, sterile work environment. This greatly reduces the various risks and dangers associated with building timber frames on-site. Using prefabricated timber wall frames gives you the benefits of working in a factory instead of a construction site, which means work is performed more safely. Moreover, safety inspections are easier to monitor from a factory than on a construction site, which means there is less chance of a safety issue developing.

Environmentally friendly

The latest prefabricated timber wall frames are created using innovative technology that helps reduce wastage and get more out of raw materials. This means fewer materials are destined for landfills and the overall production process is more environmentally friendly. Prefabricated timber wall frames tend to use 10 % less timber during construction than traditional, on-site framing methods.


Prefabricated timber wall frames are a more cost-effective solution when compared to traditional timber framing. As discussed above, you use less raw materials and there is less wastage. Moreover, you remove the risk of poor workmanship from poor contractors or incompetent staff on-site. The price of prefabricated timber wall frames is agreed upon in advance and built to specific designs. That makes the process easier and cheaper because the price and overall structure of the framing are guaranteed.

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