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Signs of a good Newcastle roof truss supplier


If you’re living in Newcastle and building a new home, you may be looking for a strong roof truss supplier. This means it’s paramount that you understand exactly what makes a good supplier, and how you can identify these companies.

For a strong mix of convenience and quality, you might gravitate towards a local company to meet your needs. With this in mind, here’s how you can find high-quality roof trusses in New South Wales.

1. They have good word of mouth

If you find a company that looks like it can give you everything you require, check the reviews first. These usually provide an honest view of the company that goes beyond what the company promotes in their advertising. By seeking advice and reviews from other locals, you can get an honest view of the business and its services.

Reviews are everywhere today, making it more important than ever for companies to provide customers with the best possible service. With roof trusses being an integral part of any home, it’s especially essential to see what other local customers think.

You could also ask local community groups about roof truss companies in general – or directly about a specific business. One review, good or bad, doesn’t tell you much about the company, so get as many opinions as you can.

2. They give a free quote

Many roof truss companies give free estimates after you give them your specifications and a rundown of your needs. By doing this, the truss company shows they have faith in their service and pricing – and devotion to transparency.

Some companies even let you upload your full plans directly to their website, allowing a full, accurate costing estimate. The business can also work with you to negotiate plans that better suit your budget. A free quote is an opportunity to understand the complexity and expense of your dream home.

If you’re looking for timber roof trusses in Newcastle NSW, it’s important you get a good deal. With a free quote, this becomes a guarantee, so make sure you pay attention to the companies which offer one.

3. They offer flexible delivery

Construction projects are time-sensitive, and the steps of any build almost always follow a certain order. That means it’s vital you choose a business that can deliver your truss at a time which works for you. This is another reason to select local companies, as they work nearby and can make quick, convenient deliveries.

A local company works closely with you to guarantee a smooth delivery, at the best possible time. They can be there exactly when you need the roof truss, providing it completed and ready for assembly. This also helps save on delivery costs, especially with less time spent on the road.

Overall, it’s critical that you select a trustworthy, affordable, and flexible local company for your roof truss needs. Contact us at Newcastle Frame and Truss or call on 0437 437 231.
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