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Is Timber Cladding Fire Resistant?


Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or an owner builder, you may be looking for ways to transform the exterior of your home or building project. Or, you may be building a new structure from scratch. Whatever it is that you are focusing on, we can help you decide on the material, to use for your cladding.

You have several options to choose, such as stone and metal, timber, composite materials, and fibre cement boards that imitate the looks of wood and stone. Of all these choices, timber is the most popular for homes in Australia and here are the reasons why.

Timber wall cladding for homes, provides the external and protective layer of your property, which, when teamed with good insulation, will improve the building’s thermal performance.

Newcastle Frame and Truss is the go-to place, if you are looking for timber cladding. We also manufacture structures, such as timber roof trusses, timber wall frames, flooring systems, etc. We use the highest quality timber in fabricating any structure that you may need, regardless of size.

We use timber in any structure that we prefabricate, as timber offers more benefits than any other materials could, such as the following:

Timber Cladding

  • The panels don’t need painting
  • Timber cladding is strong and impact resistant from chipping and denting
  • It is pleasant to look at
  • It doesn’t rust or break down
  • It is cheaper than brick or render
  • It allows for smooth and easy installation

Cladding by Newcastle Frame and Truss are designed to perfectly fit together, to give water tight surfaces that not only protect the building from bacteria and vermin, but make cleaning easy as well.

In addition to these benefits, you might be wondering whether timber cladding for homes is fire resistant. The easy answer to that question is Yes. It’s safe and not a fire risk, especially to low rise buildings that are so classified, up to three stories. For high rise properties, there are cladding options also that are non-combustible.

These are the reasons why timber cladding makes a great choice for Australia’s residential and commercial buildings. Its beauty is natural and it offers a warming, calm atmosphere, while at the same time offers durability and strength. Timber is also an environmentally friendly material.

For many years, the timber cladding from Newcastle Frame and Truss has become more popular for all types of projects – residential or commercial. The primary reason for this is, its enhanced fire safety properties, with its integrity shown, during a fire event. It can maximise the comfort of your home because the cladding will make you feel cool in the summer and warm during winter.

Our products, such as cladding for homes and timber wall frames are made from the finest and highest quality materials. They are prefabricated in our controlled facility and delivered to your job site ready to be installed, either by your own team or by us, upon arrangement.

So, if you are looking for quality products, wide range of stocks and colours, exceptional during and after sales service and expert advice regarding your project, don’t hesitate to contact us now for a fast quote or any other information that you may need. Call us on 0437 437 231 or visit us at

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