Prefabricated Timber Wall Frames

The prefabricated timber wall frame is a combination of timber frame and lightweight cladding. The timber wall frame is the most common construction system in New castle and surrounding areas, Australia.

Prefabricated timber wall framed construction contributes to the environmental appearance, high quality and strong value of the homes. 


Designs in timber framing can go through many innovations and styles. Prefabricated timber wall frames support a range of innovative shading and lightening solutions, which not only is comfortable to live in but also attractive to the eye.


The timber wall frame is strongest in tension and these structures are both strong and robust.

Timber framing is suitable for all climate zones and it is safe in the rainy weather experienced in and around Newcastle and surrounding areas. It doesn’t expand and contract in harsh weather. Timber framing construction is a quiet place in not so quiet areas of Newcastle, Beresfield, Adamstown, and Bar Beach, etc. 


Timber framing is fast to assemble, and these Wall frames are built quicker than a traditionally built house. A prefabricated timber frame is partially cut and modulated making it much quicker than a brick structure. From the arrival of the construction team to a full built frame, it’s only takes a matter of days. Quicker build times saves them time and money for both domestic and commercial property owners. 

Timber framing is also easy to work with when it comes to renovation. Removing or adding more timber frames is simple and a quicker procedure. 


Prefabricated timber framing is a good insulator. They generally provide better levels of insulation because of its higher R-value and the time framing helps in insulating the house. Insulation is blown in-between the timber stud, hence acting as a thermal bridge between walls.  


Timber is classified as a renewable material and its supply is sustainable. Timber is manufactured on a principle “If one tree falls another is planted in its place.”

This balance results in increased growth of trees and can be taken as a means of combating global warming.


Prefabricated timber wall frames have low thermal mass and therefore is unable to store heat or cold from the outside atmosphere.

Timber framing remains dry in the moist climate of Newcastle, Australia, therefore it doesn’t decay. The wall and its framework is designed in such a way that it maintains an equilibrium moisture control.


Timber is completely made of natural material, which means that it is non-toxic and does not leak any chemical into the building.

In places like Newcastle, Bar Beach and Black Hill where extreme weathers are common, timber doesn’t rot or leak any chemical vapours due to severe weather conditions.


Manufacturing Timber takes very little energy, so this means it consumes less energy to convert trees into timber.

Timber is energy-efficient as compared to other building materials.


Timber wall frames are very durable and well-made structures that can last for centuries.

It also easy and economical to maintain these wall frames as compared to other materials.