Timber Flooring

How to Lay Timber Flooring on a Concrete Slab?

Are you planning to install a flooring system in your newly built home, or you simply want to renovate and replace your old wooden flooring and structure? In any case, timber flooring systems have been around for hundreds of years and how you use set up your floor structure will dictate its longevity and  performance.

Timber flooring systems are engineered, designed, and manufactured for the purpose of achieving structural compliance, insulating impact noise, resistance to fire and efficiency in retaining or preventing the passage of heat. For many floor designs and installations, the spacing and size of floor joists or the depth of solid floors, is dictated by the useability of the floors.

Newcastle Frame and Truss fabricates engineered timber flooring, using high quality multi-layer cross ply construction. This will give your timber flooring system a strong base and that you can install on most surfaces. Depending on the engineering of the manufacturer, the flooring materials can be available in different forms, colours, styles and cuts.

Our timber materials come from sustainable sources and we are very proud of our efforts to cater and protect the environment. The reason is that we feel we have a great responsibility to care for the environment and take that obligation seriously. We also want to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that we build your timber flooring system, using only the most suitable materials.

The cassette floor panels has become increasingly popular, as they promote safety on the job site and speed up the construction process. These are factory manufactured panels, consisting of a series of floor joists that together form an element of the floor that is load bearing. They are constructed and assembled, before being transported to the site of installation.

Timber Flooring

The I-Joists remove the problems connected with conventional joists. They are used in many areas in NSW residential floorings. They are ideal for long continuous spans, over intermediate supports. Their being straight, allows builders to easily prevent crowning and maintain a level surface for framing and finished flooring.

Our flooring systems are prefabricated, which means that they are built off site and delivered to your job site to be installed that very same day. The structure is accompanied by clear installation instructions, however, if you wish, we can handle the installation process, including the laying of timber flooring on concrete slabs. We can have it installed quickly, so you do not have to worry about which glue to use or how long should you wait for it to dry. Also, this quick installation speeds up the site progression, so that the job is completed, earlier than expected. This leads to a project which progresses faster, keeping the owner, builder and suppliers all happy.

We use cutting edge machinery and equipment and the latest in technology to deliver to cassette panels that are precisely measured and cut, which means that no error in measurement has occurred.

Newcastle Frame and Truss has been providing quality structures in and around NSW. Our products are characterised, by quality craftsmanship. Our staff consist of engineers, estimators, and designers; and our tradespeople are skilled and experienced workers, proficient in the timber roof trusses, wall frames and timber flooring systems. With us working with you on the building project ensures that you will get the most out of your budget with quality finishes.

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