How to erect Timber Wall Frames?

Are you an owner builder or a contractor, looking to build wall frames for your home, in a faster manner than the traditional brick and block construction? With a prefabricated timber wall frame, you can save time and allow interior trades, such as electricians, plasterers, plumbers, windows and doors installers, to begin work earlier in the construction process.

Although the process may require additional time for design and fabrication, it is still a speedy construction, compared to the traditional process. In the past, the measurement, cutting and construction of timber wall frames were done on-site by carpenters. Yes, we still see it happening these days, but it’s often the case that they are cut and assembled off site, delivered to the construction site, using a crane truck and erected into place.

If you are looking for a reputable manufacturer of prefabricated timber wall frames, Newcastle Frame and Truss is the place to go. With more than 30 years’ experience, we have become the preferred choice of engineers, architects, owner builders and contractors, for residential and commercial timber wall frames and roof trusses projects in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

The amount of time required to erect timber wall frames and trusses can take, will hugely vary and depend on several factors, such as the weather, experience of your team, the number of people working on it, how complex is the frame? the size of the house etc. If the timber wall frames arrive on site pre-assembled and you have an organised crew, erecting the frame up can take, as little as a day or two. During bad weather, old traditional methods of framing can last for months.

However before erecting the timber wall frame, it should be braced properly, taking into consideration the type of frame, the size and design of the house and how strong the wind is in the area, where you’re building. The bracing process will involve adding elements, such as sheets of plywood amd metal braces, to make your building and structure stronger, to withstand bad and inclement weather.

In many parts of Australia, timber wall frames are usually factory fabricated. This route has become very popular, and is the preferred choice by owner builders and contractors. We have a range of predesigned structures and also offer and provide custom-made services. This means that you can save time and money on architectural service requirements. Our experienced staff can do the initial design job and also ensure we meet your planning regulations, before we begin the construction process.

The timber wall frames are erected into place, using the platform method, where the floor is built first, before erecting the frames on top, with the floor serving as the building platform. The size of the wall frames will influence whether they can be erected manually or a crane will be needed to lift them up into place. The final step is the installation of the roof trusses.

When you decide to work with us in producing your timber wall frames, you can be confident that you will benefit from a speedy completion of your build, as you don’t need to construct the walls from the ground up. Also, we can have your frame erected in wet conditions if needed.

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