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How to erect timber wall frames and roof trusses


If you want to save time and money in your construction project, choose prefabricated timber roof trusses and wall frames. While these do take extra time to design and fabricate, the process of installation is often more efficient than traditional methods. Interested in how timber wall frames and roof trusses are installed, and what you need to be aware of to ensure quality and efficient work on your site? We’ve put together this handy guide to help.

Prefabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses

Timber roof trusses and wall frames were traditionally measured, cut and manufactured by carpenters directly on the construction site. Many homes across Australia now use prefabricated timber frames and trusses. These products are made off-site and delivered for easy, time-saving installation. Our frames and trusses are made in our factory, using our range of advanced equipment and quality software guaranteed to result in an outstanding product each and every time.

Installation of frames

Once the frames are constructed, they are delivered to your site along with an installation guide that can be easily followed by the relevant trades. It’s crucial workers ensure the frame is properly braced according to its type, the wind conditions, and the design and size of the building. During bracing, the structure is secured with metal braces or plywood designed to help it withstand rough weather and to ensure its durability for years to come.

The timber wall frames are then erected using the platform method. After the flooring is built, it can then act as the working platform from which the frames can be erected. In some instances, a crane might be needed to lift the frame, but this will depend on the size and scope of the project – alternatively, wall frames can be installed manually.

Installation of roof trusses

Pre-fabricated roof trusses are manufactured using high-quality timber joined with steel plating to ensure a durable, lasting construction. As with wall frames, roof trusses are delivered on-site along with installation instructions, which stress where and how the truss should be positioned. Installation of roof trusses should only take one or two days to complete, depending on the expertise of the construction team, the size of the job, and the weather conditions.

Erecting prefabricated timber roof trusses requires a lifting crane to raise the truss to the appropriate height before it can be lowered onto the frame. When operating a crane, it’s crucial workers maintain the utmost precision, as the initial placement of the truss will guide the rest of the installation work – so even a small error can mean a lower-quality result.

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