How to build Timber Wall Frames?

When you’re building a home, one of the considerations that you should look at is the choice of material for the structure. While steel is an interesting material for wall frames because of its strength, timber is by far the most commonly used and the leading choice among owner builders, architects, homeowners and small to medium construction companies.

Timber wall frames are usually constructed using radiata pine, although a few other timber species are also popular. The timber must be quite dry. If the moisture is high in the content; it can cause the wood to shrink and warp over time, as the moisture leaves the fibres. This may result in structural problems at the end. Timber is treated with chemicals, to enhance its resistance to rot, fire, white ants, and termites. Although, it is still recommended to have the right control authorities to pest control the site thoroughly.

Commonly using timber as a material in building wall frames means that the builders, architects, and the local councils are comfortable with this kind of material. It makes their jobs easier and simpler, requiring minimal labour, as it installs relatively quickly.

Newcastle Frame and Truss constructs timber wall frames in accordance with the specifications, in liaison with the builder. We use a method; where studs or planks of timber are cut and assembled in our facility, brought on-site pre-assembled, by a large delivery truck and fitted in place. This process can truly reduce the time in the project timeline to complete your home.

We attach the studs to other pieces of timber, at a perpendicular angle. These studs lie across their bottoms and tops (called the wall plates). To give the timber wall frames structural stability, plywood or any strong and flexible material  is then attached on the external side of the studs.

Rods, forming part of the framework that are fitted diagonally between studs will further strengthen your building. Once the foundation of the house is prepared, the frame is erected into place. Soon afterwards, the roof rafters and ceiling joists are attached, followed by plumbing, wiring, external and internal walls, until the house is complete, with all its necessary and appropriate components.

Newcastle Frame and Truss has a team of professional and qualified designers; to give you the timber wall frame completed accurately with quality finishes. We use the latest design software and give you the latest developed products that incorporate new ideas and the most contemporary features. You can see our attention to detail; in the quality of our drawings and in providing you with the help that you need in erecting the frame on the site.

We use the best timber for constructing the wall frames; because by far, it is lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Moreover, it is cost efficient and friendly to the environment. A well designed and constructed timber frame will give you almost everything; when it comes to protection from rot, termites, bush fires and condensation. Timber wall frames are ideal for the Australian climate and various styles of houses, with its design flexibility.

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