How to build Timber Wall Frames And Roof Trusses?

Nothing is more exciting than embarking on the journey of building your dream home or project. Whether it is a home, investment property or commercial building for your business, once you have decided to go ahead with the construction there is quite a bit of planning involved. However, you need to decide first about the essential structures for your building, like the timber wall frames and roof trusses.

Relative to that; you should also consider the materials you want to use. While steel is good option, timber tends to be a better choice and here’s why. Besides the quick build time, timber is lightweight, cost efficient and a sustainable material and eco-friendly for the environment. Timber wall frames and roof trusses are great for the Australian climate and the materials are flexible, as you can use them for any design and style of home in the country.

After deciding the material, you will need to start with the design and plan of your building. Newcastle Frame and Truss is a prime manufacturer of prefabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses in Newcastle area and other parts of NSW. They have professional and qualified designers using their creativity, with the aid of the most modern design software. Our designers are always working hard to offer you with a plan or design that provides beauty, durability and a quality finish.

Newcastle Frame and Truss is the place to go; if you need timber wall frames and roof trusses in a hurry or to meet your construction time frame. We are confident we can save you time and labor costs because we manufacture your structures in our own facility, where the materials are not exposed to moisture or inclement weather. Once finished, we deliver them on site, using a crane truck, ready to be erected. We can even assist you in the erection process, even though you will be provided with instructions for erection, bracing and fixing locations for you or your builder.

Usually, we use radiata pine, even though, we also consider other good species of timber. We make sure that the moisture content of timber is low to avoid shrinking and warping over time. The timber we use has been treated with solutions; that will protect the wooden structure from termites, rot, fire and white ants.

Now, for the building process, we work closely with you, following the plan and specifications that you have approved. We cut planks of timber to assemble the structures. Everything is done in our factory; including attaching studs to pieces of timber on the wall plates. We put plywood or any other kind of flexible and strong material on the exterior of the studs; to add to structural strength and stability. This will allow the structure to withstand the load that is applied to them and to further strengthen your building.

Once your structure has been erected and put in place, what follows is the attachment of the ceiling joists and roof rafters, followed by plumbing, wiring and other trades you have engaged. The internal and external walls will complete your home project, with all the appropriate components.

The advantages from using our prefabricated wall frames and roof trusses provide you piece of mind that you made the right decision. Besides from those mentioned above, our computer-controlled manufacturing; ensures products with accuracy and of high quality. We always deliver on time which can help with planning of your entire project.

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