Timber Roof Structure

How Much Timber Is Needed To Make A Roof Structure?

Congratulations! You will soon be starting work on your new home construction project. Therefore, you may be thinking of a list of items, suppliers, and contractors that your need for the build. Some of the things that you will need may include the setting of foundations, the procurement of materials, the timber wall frames and roof trusses for the building and so on.

There are so many decisions to be made, before you can start construction. Like for example, which material should you use for the roof trusses – metal or timber? Many builders in Australia are aware that the most common material used is timber, not only because of its flexibility, but also because is it always strong, generally light, easy to work with and install and can be environmentally friendly when sourced sustainably.

How much timber you would need to construct a roof structure is determined basically by the size and design of the roof truss structure. So, calculations will have to be made, before you know the quantity of timber that will have to be purchased.

Timber Roof StructureIf you are looking for a roof truss specialist in NSW, then look no further. Newcastle Truss and Frame has a skilled and experienced team that you can rely on when it comes to producing great quality roof trusses for your home or project. This has made us the leading fabricator of timber roof trusses, wall frames and flooring systems in this part of Australia. Once you choose us to work with, we will take all the hassles and stress out of the process for you, so that you can focus on other aspects of the project.

Roof trusses are an important element of a home. They give the roof the structural support it requires, so that it can stand in position. They also hold the walls together and the other timber parts, completing the “lock up” stage of your new project. Today, these structures are prefabricated off site and delivered to your construction site, once finished. This process of prefabrication provides the following benefits:

  • easy assembly
  • reduced onsite labour costs
  • no potential weather delays
  • reduced material pilfering at the site.

We first gather your requirements, before starting the design process. Our goal here is primarily to come up with a roof truss design that will give structural stability to your home or project, while at the same time being able to effectively carry the load of the roof.

The roof trusses of Newcastle Frame and Truss are designed and manufactured in our own factory, using modern technology and the most up-to-date and fully integrated software. We have high performing equipment, which allows our team to offer you the highest level of technical support and customer service.

For premium quality roof trusses to be built for your home, simply contact us for a fast quote at 0437 437 231 or visit us at www.newcastleframentruss.com.au. Find your perfect roof truss solution today.

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