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How long can you expect a timber roof truss or frame to last?


What should I know about choosing a timber roof truss?

Choosing the frame for your construction is one of the first decisions to make on any building project. Timber roof truss and framing suppliers offer many benefits that you won’t get with other materials like steel.

A major issue is how to decide between a timber roof truss or steel. How long will timber solutions last? With the right care and attention, our timber roof trusses will last for over 100 years.

You can design broad expanses with timber beams. These will not require additional support. That gives your architect more flexibility in design. You can always reinforce your timber frame with steel if needed.

The strength and longevity of your timber roof truss are just two of the benefits. Here are some of the other advantages.

A timber roof truss is more versatile

timber roof trussYou have more options when using a timber roof truss than with pitched roofs. You can span greater distances while using less wood. There are more options for reinforcement and support. You can also create larger, more open spaces without losing structural integrity.

It is cost effective

You use fewer resources with these frames and trusses. They are also prefabricated and lightweight, so they can be installed quickly. That means less reliance on heavy machinery like cranes. This, in turn, drives down costs.

Choosing a timber truss solution is eco-friendly

Responsibly farmed and sourced timber is also 100 per cent recyclable. This timber will also draw carbon out of the atmosphere. That helps address rising carbon emissions.

Timber has energy-saving insulation qualities

Timber provides better insulation than steel. It can be used to create dedicated insulation cavities. This drives down your heating and cooling expenses. That’s great for the environment and your overall energy use.

A timber truss or frame just looks better

Timber Roof TrussTimber is timeless and looks great in modern as well as heritage projects. The flexibility of timber gives you more design scope. Creating modern features is much easier when using a timber roof truss. Timber can be painted, clad or modified. That means you can suit your own taste and design.

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