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How Long Can You Expect a Timber Roof Truss and Frame to Last?

The roof is the most important part of the building. It serves many functions, besides protecting the occupants of the building. It’s also the biggest and most expensive element of a home, so it’s important to invest some thought and know how, before you start designing and planning your new home.

Timber roof trusses and frames are increasingly becoming popular for use, in Australian homes and commercial buildings. The following areas located around the areas of Newcastle, Adamstown, Adamstown Heights, Bar Beach, Beresfield, Birmingham Gardens, Black Hill, Broadmeadow and surrounding areas it’s tend to be used extensively.

You can consult with Newcastle Frame and Truss to find answers you need to some of your questions. Items such as the best material to use for your roof truss and wall frame.

If you are an owner builder of your own home, you may look at the option between steel and timber for the material for your roof truss and wall frames. While steel offers ease of handling and erection, it has the disadvantage of high cost in material and maintenance, as well as low resistance to heat. Timber roof trusses and frames offers greater flexibility in a layout. Timber can be fabricated into any size and shape, limited only by handling considerations and manufacturing capabilities.

Another advantage of the frames and trusses made from timber, is its strength and durability. It can withstand anything that nature throws at the building. An owner builder will love the knowledge that timber trusses can last the full lifespan of your home. To say the least, you can expect your home’s timber roof truss and frame to last for 100+ years, with the right maintenance and care.

Additionally, timber roof trusses and frames can adapt and are compatible with other parts that form part of a building structure, like for example, steel beams. Timber can create long distances in between, without having the need for support and it creates open spaces that can be used freely by architects and designers. In cases, where the owner builder decides to move the partitions, this can be done without compromising on the ability of the building to hold together under a load, without breaking or deforming to a great extent.

Timber roof trusses and frames are eco-friendly, and contribute to the economy and make clean-up work less costly. It doesn’t add to the waste that the site generates. Also, it can eliminate the common framing problems, besides being energy efficiency for the overall project.

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We will be happy to show you our range of timber roof trusses and wall frame products, along with many other products. With more than 30 years’ experience in this business, we will be more than able to customise your home or project design, making sure that it will suit your needs. Therefore, whether you have a small or large project coming up, please get in touch with the leading truss and frame manufacturer in Newcastle.