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How are prefab timber frames built?


Building a new home is an exciting and complicated venture with many ups and downs. If you are in the process of having a new home built, you’re probably learning a lot about the construction process. You may have heard your builder talking about prefab timber frames and be wondering what they are and why they would be an excellent choice for your home. You may also be curious about the construction process of prefab timber frames and the benefits they can provide.

What are timber wall frames?

In construction, the wall frames of your home are the vertical and horizontal members of your exterior walls and interior rooms. The design of prefab timber frames includes supporting the upper floors, ceiling and roof of your home. They also partition the separate rooms. Additionally, the timber frames provide a solid fixture point for the wall sheeting.

How are prefab timber frames built?

Prefab timber frames are generally built off-site by a team of experts. They are often manufactured in a factory environment using state-of-the-art equipment and tailored to each home. Built to order, we deliver the frames to your home, pre-measured to your property’s plan and ready to install.

Why should you use prefab timber frames?

You might wonder why you should choose prefab timber frames for your home instead of traditional wall frames. Take a look at some of the top benefits:

• Reduced on-site erection times: Once your prefab wall frames are delivered, they will be ready to be put into place, saving considerable time and effort.

• A significant reduction of on-site waste: Building wall frames can result in a high volume of waste. This is especially true when combined with the waste from other aspects of your build. On the other hand, prefab timber wall frames help keep waste to a minimum. Additionally, prefab timber frames optimise timber stock, which lessens factory waste. So, if you want the building of your home to be environmentally friendly, prefab timber frames are the solution.

• Superior quality control: Having your timber wall frames built off-site allows for much higher quality control. Additionally, a specialised frame building team will build the frame to the exact specifications, ensuring assembly and quality are superior.

• Competitive pricing: Prefabricated timber frames are often competitively priced and can help decrease your build costs.

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