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We only use the best quality products. We choose Weathertex cladding for our customers. Weathertex is a specialist exterior wall panel supplier and weatherboard company. They offer the best quality products available on the market.

For modern or classic styles, we offer all the cladding and timber wall paneling you need. No project is too large or small. We are committed to providing quality cladding. We service Newcastle, Hunter Valley Region, Cessnock, Morrisett and surrounding areas. Keeping our prices affordable and do our best to keep costs down. We stop you from blowing the budget for your commercial or owner-builder/DIY projects

Let’s talk about some of the benefits. The panels never need painting. Cladding is solid, smart-looking with natural shadow-lines and the definition of timber weatherboards. Strong and impact-resistant from denting and chipping. Manufactured to prevent moisture from getting behind the boards. Designed and manufactured in Australia, we are the New South Wales-based cladding specialists. We adapt to suit local conditions and coastal areas around the state. Economical when compared to brick or render and quick and easy to install. That’s’ why we are the right choice.

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At Newcastle Frame and Truss, we provide compatible hygienic wall cladding. Integrated to fit together perfectly to provide a hygienic, watertight surface. This offers the best possible protection against bacteria and vermin and it makes cleaning easy too.

Weathertex system of walls, ceilings, doors and floors is entirely integrated. It is designed to provide a completely sealed environment, from floor to ceiling. We pride ourselves for supplying the best quality products for our clients. We service from North Sydney and the Northern Beaches to Newcastle.

Australian products like Weathertex take pride in producing design-led, seamless products and offers first-class installation. We assist architects and contractors in delivering bespoke hygiene solutions without compromising on aesthetics. Our warehouse has extensive stock ready to go to meet your cladding needs. We service Newcastle, Hunter Valley Region, Cessnock and Morrisett and surrounding areas in NSW.

Integrated cladding


At Newcastle Frame and Truss our products are made from the finest materials. They are consistent in grade and colour across every sheet, batch, joint and trim. We provide uniform high performance and compatibility.

We install cladding in Newcastle, Hunter Valley Region, Cessnock and Morrisett and surrounding areas. Cladding helps you to maximise your home comfort. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, minimises air leakage and optimises natural daylighting.

Quality products, exceptional service, wide range of stock, sound advice and great after sales service. It all adds up to ensuring you use us when choosing cladding. We provide for your new home, commercial or industrial projects.

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