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Cladding for Homes


Are you thinking of a home renovation or replacing the existing wall coverings with new timber claddings? Or maybe you want to build a new home for you and the family. Well, whatever you decide, a manufacturer of roof trusses and wall frames can supply you with the cladding and timber wall paneling for your next project.

Newcastle Frame and Truss is a trusted and reliable company that new homeowners turn to in the region when it comes to cladding. Cladding is the outmost layer of the home exterior, planned specifically to provide protection to the homeowner and the building itself from the extremities of weather in the harsh Australian climate. Not only that, but it can also make your property a real eye catcher and is one of the many reasons why we use the ever reliable Weathertex cladding for homes.

Weathertex is a 100% Australian owned company that specialises in exterior wall panels. It is our preferred choice, as well as by many architects, designers and home builders, when it comes to high quality timber cladding, architectural panels and weatherboards. 

When choosing the material that you want for your home’s exterior covering, our team at Newcastle Frame and Truss can provide you the professional advice you need. We also can help you understand that there are things to consider, when making a choice, such as thermal and sound insulation, reducing maintenance and increasing levels of fire protection. Other considerations are the sustainability of the involved materials.

Timber is a beautiful material which has great aesthetic value. It lets your home breathe and is also waterproof. This design feature is the most visually dramatic, for your home cladding.

Using Weathertex cladding for homes, to add or change your existing cladding is a big job. So, it is important to leave it to the professionals like Newcastle Frame and Truss, to get it done right. The face of your building should receive the same attention that you give to your interiors and your goal should be to balance everything from colour, to texture and tone. We are aware that there is a mountain of material out there and we would like to help you choose something that falls within the restrictions of the local building codes.

Weathertex cladding for homes needs to be painted, if at all, only after 15 years. These are durable and resistant to impact, no denting or chipping, no rust, or breakdowns. These panels are engineered, so as to not let moisture get behind the boards. The wall claddings are made, to fit perfectly together, so that what you get is a watertight and hygienic surface. This means that you get the best protection from microscopic organisms, like bacteria and also from parasitic worms and insects.

Weathertex cladding for homes is easy to use; and simple to install. It is not likely to break or shatter easily. It is also eco-friendly; with zero carbon footprint and is a 100% natural product. Using this brand for your cladding, can also save you money, due to low maintenance and it is made to last.

When you are ready to start your dream home or project and you are looking for Weathertex cladding, for homes, simply contact us for a fast quote at 0437 437 231.

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