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What Is The Best Exterior Cladding?

If you are not familiar with construction terminology, you may be wondering what exterior cladding is and why use it. In simple words, cladding is a material to cover the exterior and interior of a building or structure. Cladding protects the structure and interiors of your home or project from harsh weather and environmental conditions. It can also serve as an external visual feature to make the building more aesthetically pleasing. Cladding has been used in architecture and construction for decades now, and when done correctly, can add real value to the home.

Nowadays, with advancements in science and technology, a variety of external cladding options exist. Many people are confused at the choices and often wonder, which is the best material for external cladding. Timber cladding is a good option for all kinds of external cladding. Here are some of the reasons why timber cladding is the best product for exterior structures:

  1. Exterior CladdingLong lasting: Are you aware that good quality timber cladding can last between 40 – 60 years? Timber cladding is resistant to decay and can last almost a lifetime with proper maintenance and care.
  2. Looks great: There is no denying the fact that timber cladding looks amazing. It goes well with the natural environment and is eye-catching, not to mention added value to your home or project.
  3. Sustainable: Timber cladding is a sustainable option since it has almost zero carbon footprint. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide, balancing any emissions, unlike other cladding materials.
  4. Durable: Timber cladding can withstand any harsh climatic conditions, such as rain, wind, or strong and long-term sunlight. Timber tends to wear and tear less, compared to other types of cladding. This means that they are appropriate for places with extreme and harsh climates.
  5. Acts as an insulation: Timber cladding is a great natural insulator, ensuring that no heat can escape, as well as it’s soundproof. In fact, timber is known to be better than concrete, steel and aluminium for insulation purposes.
  6. Ease of installation: Being lightweight, timber is easy to carry around and install. Installing external timber cladding takes less time than other types of cladding. Hence the work can be completed in the shortest possible time.
  7. Cost effective: A major advantage of timber is that it is reasonably priced. From the procurement process, to manufacture and installation, the related costs are very minimal, making it an affordable cladding option for people with all kinds of budgets.

So, you can see why if you are going to choose external cladding, then timber is a sensible choice. For the highest quality and most affordable timber cladding, get in touch with Newcastle Frame & Truss. We are a leading provider of trusses and cladding, since 1999. It is important for us that we satisfy all your requirements and specifications. Our team of designers will extensively develop a plan exclusively for all your cladding needs. In short, you can get customised services from us, at good rates with high quality products.

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What Is The Best Home Cladding Besides Brick?

Brick is a strong and durable product for home cladding; however, timber is also another home cladding material, which is durable, arguably the most aesthetically pleasing and possesses strong sustainable qualities. Cladding is an outer layer of material, which is used on the walls of your home, to provide protection against the harsh weather. It’s an outer weatherproof skin used on the walls to protect it from damage. It’s important to protect the walls of your home and cladding can help in this regard. Different kinds of cladding material can be used; however, brick and timber are by far the best and most popular choices. Timber is very convenient to use, as the work related to timber cladding can be completed much quicker than all other materials.

While choosing the ideal cladding for your home, you need to bear the following points in mind:

  • Home CladdingThe cladding used for the exterior of your home should be water-proof and good enough to protect the interiors of your home from the harsh weather.
  • Ensuring that the cladding being used is fire resistant, is also of paramount importance.
  • How much insulation the cladding in question can provide is critical, as that is directly connected to having an environment-friendly home, which is given a lot of prominence these days.
  • You must choose your cladding very carefully, as it’s not as simple as you think. It affects a lot of factors related to your home, like the aesthetic appeal, the cost, property value and environmental performance.
  • It’s worth thoroughly study as to which type of cladding will perform well in your climate, what is suitable in another place may not be suitable for you because of the difference in weather conditions and varies as per your site landscape. You may need a professional’s advice to help to guide you in this regard.
  • Taking into consideration the environmental impact of the cladding system is also of key importance.

Benefits of using timber as your cladding material:

  1. Environmentally friendly products like timber are good, as it’s a renewable resource. The carbon footprint of timber is very much on the lower side and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.
  2. A commodity got from nature, which is excellent, hence doesn’t need many efforts to make it aesthetically appealing, as it blends with the natural environment, by default.
  3. Enormously durable – The durability of timber is unimaginable; in certain cases, it can even last a lifetime and that makes it the most desirable material for cladding.
  4. Strong and light-weight – In spite of being light-weight, timber is strong and that’s the best part about it.

If timber cladding is a thing, you’ve been considering since sometime, then delay no more. Employ the services of a reputed timber frame and truss company like Newcastle Frame and Truss if you happen to be in Australia. Contact at or call 0437 437 231.

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How Long Does Timber Cladding Last?

In the construction and architecture world, ‘cladding’ refers to a layer of material placed on a building surface or structure. It’s this cladding which gives a building its aesthetic and architectural beauty. Cladding is used not only on the exterior of the the building, but also on floors, interiors, baseboards and walls. Cladding not only contributes to the overall look, but also provides structural stability.

Are you aware of the different kinds of cladding available for the interior and exterior of homes and buildings? The materials used for cladding must be durable, low maintenance and provide ideal support. In the case of wall claddings, the materials must be resistant to harsh climatic conditions, such as rainfall, hail, intense sunlight, and wind.

One of the best kinds of cladding is timber cladding. Timber cladding provides a modern and stunning look, which no other material can provide. Timber grows naturally in harsher climates, it’s extremely durable and weather resistant. Timber cladding also acts as an efficient heat and sound insulator.

Timber CladdingThe best thing about timber cladding is its long life. With careful installation and proper treatment, timber cladding can last anywhere from 40 to 60 years! sometimes, more. The durability of timber claddings is categorised into four classes. Class one  timber has the highest durability and is expected to have more than 40 years of lifespan. Class two timber has an expected lifespan of 15 to 40 years. Class three  timber provide 7 to 15 years of durability, while the last Class four timber provides durability, for less than 7 years.

Untreated timber cladding is more prone to weather conditions and fungi. Treating timber before installation is the best way to retain moisture content and reduce fungal decay. At Newcastle Frame and Truss, we use only the best quality Class one or two graded timber for our cladding projects, and we assure you that it’ll be treated timber too.

We have chosen Weathertrex, one of the best exterior wall panel suppliers, to provide us with the highest quality materials for cladding. We can design and install the perfect cladding for any project, irrespective of the size of the project; big or small. Our services are quality-efficient, affordable and one, which will not burn a hole in your pocket. Our team of experts will discuss all your requirements and budget to create the perfect timber cladding for you. We assure timely delivery and completion of all our projects. You can get in touch with our experts on 0437 437 231 or visit our website for more information:

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Cladding for Homes

Are you thinking of a home renovation or replacing the existing wall coverings with new timber claddings? Or maybe you want to build a new home for you and the family. Well, whatever you decide, a manufacturer of roof trusses and wall frames can supply you with the cladding and timber wall paneling for your next project.

Newcastle Frame and Truss is a trusted and reliable company that new homeowners turn to in the region when it comes to cladding. Cladding is the outmost layer of the home exterior, planned specifically to provide protection to the homeowner and the building itself from the extremities of weather in the harsh Australian climate. Not only that, but it can also make your property a real eye catcher and is one of the many reasons why we use the ever reliable Weathertex cladding for homes.

Weathertex is a 100% Australian owned company that specialises in exterior wall panels. It is our preferred choice, as well as by many architects, designers and home builders, when it comes to high quality timber cladding, architectural panels and weatherboards. 

When choosing the material that you want for your home’s exterior covering, our team at Newcastle Frame and Truss can provide you the professional advice you need. We also can help you understand that there are things to consider, when making a choice, such as thermal and sound insulation, reducing maintenance and increasing levels of fire protection. Other considerations are the sustainability of the involved materials.

Timber is a beautiful material which has great aesthetic value. It lets your home breathe and is also waterproof. This design feature is the most visually dramatic, for your home cladding.

Using Weathertex cladding for homes, to add or change your existing cladding is a big job. So, it is important to leave it to the professionals like Newcastle Frame and Truss, to get it done right. The face of your building should receive the same attention that you give to your interiors and your goal should be to balance everything from colour, to texture and tone. We are aware that there is a mountain of material out there and we would like to help you choose something that falls within the restrictions of the local building codes.

Weathertex cladding for homes needs to be painted, if at all, only after 15 years. These are durable and resistant to impact, no denting or chipping, no rust, or breakdowns. These panels are engineered, so as to not let moisture get behind the boards. The wall claddings are made, to fit perfectly together, so that what you get is a watertight and hygienic surface. This means that you get the best protection from microscopic organisms, like bacteria and also from parasitic worms and insects.

Weathertex cladding for homes is easy to use; and simple to install. It is not likely to break or shatter easily. It is also eco-friendly; with zero carbon footprint and is a 100% natural product. Using this brand for your cladding, can also save you money, due to low maintenance and it is made to last.

When you are ready to start your dream home or project and you are looking for Weathertex cladding, for homes, simply contact us for a fast quote at 0437 437 231.

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Is Timber Cladding Fire Resistant?

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or an owner builder, you may be looking for ways to transform the exterior of your home or building project. Or, you may be building a new structure from scratch. Whatever it is that you are focusing on, we can help you decide on the material, to use for your cladding.

You have several options to choose, such as stone and metal, timber, composite materials, and fibre cement boards that imitate the looks of wood and stone. Of all these choices, timber is the most popular for homes in Australia and here are the reasons why.

Timber wall cladding for homes, provides the external and protective layer of your property, which, when teamed with good insulation, will improve the building’s thermal performance.

Newcastle Frame and Truss is the go-to place, if you are looking for timber cladding. We also manufacture structures, such as timber roof trusses, timber wall frames, flooring systems, etc. We use the highest quality timber in fabricating any structure that you may need, regardless of size.

We use timber in any structure that we prefabricate, as timber offers more benefits than any other materials could, such as the following:

Timber Cladding

  • The panels don’t need painting
  • Timber cladding is strong and impact resistant from chipping and denting
  • It is pleasant to look at
  • It doesn’t rust or break down
  • It is cheaper than brick or render
  • It allows for smooth and easy installation

Cladding by Newcastle Frame and Truss are designed to perfectly fit together, to give water tight surfaces that not only protect the building from bacteria and vermin, but make cleaning easy as well.

In addition to these benefits, you might be wondering whether timber cladding for homes is fire resistant. The easy answer to that question is Yes. It’s safe and not a fire risk, especially to low rise buildings that are so classified, up to three stories. For high rise properties, there are cladding options also that are non-combustible.

These are the reasons why timber cladding makes a great choice for Australia’s residential and commercial buildings. Its beauty is natural and it offers a warming, calm atmosphere, while at the same time offers durability and strength. Timber is also an environmentally friendly material.

For many years, the timber cladding from Newcastle Frame and Truss has become more popular for all types of projects – residential or commercial. The primary reason for this is, its enhanced fire safety properties, with its integrity shown, during a fire event. It can maximise the comfort of your home because the cladding will make you feel cool in the summer and warm during winter.

Our products, such as cladding for homes and timber wall frames are made from the finest and highest quality materials. They are prefabricated in our controlled facility and delivered to your job site ready to be installed, either by your own team or by us, upon arrangement.

So, if you are looking for quality products, wide range of stocks and colours, exceptional during and after sales service and expert advice regarding your project, don’t hesitate to contact us now for a fast quote or any other information that you may need. Call us on 0437 437 231 or visit us at

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