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Can A Door Frame Be Load Bearing?


If you’re building a house or a commercial property, one of the areas you will need to look at carefully is your roof trusses and wall frames. Australia has a number of manufacturers of these types of structures, that can provide you with high quality products and services. You just have to choose the right supplier and you can’t go wrong.

If you new to construction or the building game, one of the queries around your design might be can a door frame be load bearing. The question is not that straightforward to answer, however from an operational viewpoint, the door frame is a structure, that can be load bearing. In order for this to happen, the flat beam, which you pass under, when you walk through the door should have the structural strength required, so that the vertical load can be distributed to the two vertical columns, either side of the opening.

A load bearing frame is possible to build for a door frame. This would need the sides and head of the frame to be engineered, to be able to carry the full load. If you’re not sure about this, then it would be ideal, to consult the professional experts at Newcastle Frame and Truss; as they are in the best position, to provide advice, with regards to construction of such frames, trusses and structures.

Newcastle Frame and Truss is in the business of designing, manufacturing and installing timber roof trusses and wall frames, floor panels and even door frames. Our structures are prefabricated, which means that the products are manufactured off site, at our controlled factory in Newcastle, NSW.

Using prefabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses will save you time on the site, as all your required frames arrive pre-assembled. This reduced construction time means that you can finish your job sooner and keep your materials secured from theft.

All our timber wall frames and other products maintain quality, safety and durability standards, as they are designed and braced according to Australian standards. Our manufacturing processes are computer controlled; hence you can be sure of high quality and accurate cuts.

Our deliveries are always made on time, using crane trucks. We will lift the timber wall frames to your upper elevations, when possible, to endorse easy erection. On time delivery can also save you time and money, as it helps with your future planning for the job.

It is not surprising that many Australian homes today are built with fabricated timber wall frames. Like roof trusses, our wall frames bring many advantages, here are a few to consider:

Door Frame

  • Lower costs than brick and stone and also faster to erect, resulting in lower labour costs.
  • Quick and easy to build. Our structures are pre-assembled and ready to install, as soon as they are delivered.
  • Versatility in design, with various trees offering different shades, textures, and functions.
    These features encourage a personalised design, giving a unique look and feel for your build.
  • Timber is eco-friendly, being a renewable and non-toxic building material.
  • Efficient insulation, allowing you to heat up or cool down, using less energy.

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