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Are you an Owner Builder NSW looking for a Roof Truss Supplier?

If you are an owner builder, it means that you have the necessary permits to take on the responsibilities associated with being a building. It also means; that you have absolute control over the construction or renovation of your own home or project, including the choice of materials and timber wall frame and roof truss suppliers.

If your project is situated somewhere in NSW; you do not have to search to far, to find a good manufacturer of timber wall frames and roof trusses. Newcastle Frame and Truss is a trusted name in the building industry within the region, not only because of its more than 30 years’ experience, but also due to its ability to supply great, long lasting quality products, from its modern manufacturing plant based in NSW.

Our timber products are innovative, as they are supported by MiTek 20/20 software and designed by our technical team, according to your plan and requirements. Using prefabricated wall frames and roof trusses manufactured by Newcastle Frame and Truss will save your time and allow you to meet your construction deadlines. This is what all owner builders, engineers, designers and construction contractors would like: to encounter no delays in their projects and this is what we are able to offer you with full confidence.

With our expert design and construction team, we are able to provide you; assistance and important advice in all stages of your building project, starting from your initial enquiry, up to after sales services. This includes our cooperation and help, so you can decide on the best products to use in your renovation or new build.

We manufacture our wall frames and roof trusses from high quality, machine grade timber; that we have treated and custom created, to meet the needs of your building project. Rest assured that we will work closely with you to make sure that we are aware of all your requirements, for your roofing, walls, floors and overall structure that will complete your build.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our attention to detail, product quality and customer service. Our prefabricated wall frames and roof trusses once finished; are delivered to the job site and they can be easily put up, without any hassle on your part. We take pride in our flexibility and the ability to respond to the customers’ call, in any kind of situation, regardless of whether it is property damage or project deadlines. With our many years of experience we have learnt to be effective and efficient withing the building industry.

What’s more, we understand the damage that time and weather can do to any wooden structure, so; we manufacture our frames and trusses with that in mind. This is one reason why; we are willing to accept any job, big or small, without disappointing you on quality, time, and your budget. The technical experts of Newcastle Frame and Truss; never stop learning and keep themselves up to date, on all the current building regulations and industry developments. This is our method of ensuring our customers receive high quality products and first-class services, all, at the most realistic prices.

Give us a call at 0437 437 231 or visit us, if you need more information and you’re ready to start on your next project as an owner builder, please contact us for a fast quote, budget price or advice.