Timber Cladding

How Long Does Timber Cladding Last?

In the construction and architecture world, ‘cladding’ refers to a layer of material placed on a building surface or structure. It’s this cladding which gives a building its aesthetic and architectural beauty. Cladding is used not only on the exterior of the the building, but also on floors, interiors, baseboards and walls. Cladding not only contributes to the overall look,

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Truss Manufacturer
Roof Truss

What is a Truss Manufacturer?

Have you started designing and constructing your dream house or next project? Maybe you are in the initial design stages with your architect or engineer. Many engineers now advise to install a truss in home scale projects. If you are not familiar with the construction terminology, you may be wondering what exactly is a truss system. A truss is an

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