Timber Flooring
Flooring System

How to Lay Timber Flooring on a Concrete Slab?

Are you planning to install a flooring system in your newly built home, or you simply want to renovate and replace your old wooden flooring and structure? In any case, timber flooring systems have been around for hundreds of years and how you use set up your floor structure will dictate its longevity and  performance. Timber flooring systems are engineered,

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Roof Trusses
Roof Truss

What Timber Is Used For Roof Trusses?

Looking to build your own home? That’s great and maybe by this time you’re ready to choose the material for the roof truss – should it be steel or timber. When constructing a building, precision is required in every aspect, along with safety considerations, following building codes and other important procedures. For commercial buildings, steel trusses are used, as they

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