Roof Truss

Looking for a Roof Truss Supplier in Newcastle?

Roof trusses work as the main framework and reinforcement of a roof; thus, they are of crucial importance to the integrity of a building. It must be firmly fixed, and the weight should be equally distributed in every part of the structure, and it shouldn’t be yielding to harsh weather either. A timber roof truss can be custom built, and

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Wall Frames

How to build Timber Wall Frames?

When you’re building a home, one of the considerations that you should look at is the choice of material for the structure. While steel is an interesting material for wall frames because of its strength, timber is by far the most commonly used and the leading choice among owner builders, architects, homeowners and small to medium construction companies. Timber wall

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Flooring System

What Are The Different Types Of Flooring Systems?

For your new home project, you would have chosen timber roof truss and perhaps you would also prefer to use timber wall frame to complete the major structure. The next step is choosing a timber floor. Would it cost too much? Think again! Carpet may seem cheaper, but a timber floor can last for a long time. Timber is a

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